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I have been very fortunate in my life and in 1984 I was inspired by my wife to give something back to the community. Funded by my company, ISA, I founded a small charity to offer people the chance to embark on an experience that could change their perspective on life.

Travelling, my own passion became the first focus of the charity, as I understood its ability to expand people’s horizons, both physically and emotionally

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New York State of Mind - a Year with Steven Holl Architects

In 2012 Arseni Timofejev took a year out from his architectural degree at Glasgow School of Art to work with Steven Holl Architects in New York.

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The Impact of Tourism in the Masai Mara Game Reserve

In 2012 Charlotte Smart travelled to Kenya to explore the impact of Tourism in the Masa Mara game reserve.

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One day I will return to Mexico and explore more of its beautiful and varied landscape. Once qualified as a doctor I hope to help improve work in the same hospital that so warmly invited me in and taught me so much. I have learnt not only independence and confidence but also to appreciate each opportunity I am give in life and to strive, no matter what odds are laid in my path for what I want to achieve. My experience in Mexico has given me an urge to travel, to aid as many as I can and also to smile, no matter what happens.

Nalini Sethia, City of London Girls School, 2006

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