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Winning the award and embarking on your adventure is just the beginning. There is a vibrant community of past winners that comes together often to share experience and ideas.

Once you have won the award you can join this network and access its wealth of experience, including insider information on destinations around the world, general travellers’ tips and even mentoring for graduates entering the work place.

The community comes together in the summer and again at Christmas for a party in London to meet the new travellers and catch up with each other. There are gatherings, at other times of the year, in Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh.

Finally, the ISA Charity is always open to ideas from members of the community for new projects and challenges that they could support.

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On the plane over to Beijing nerves really started to kick in and the enormity of the challenge that I had set myself really began to sink in. It was the first time that I had been away from home in my nineteen years of existence. The chaos of Beijing, which I was to grow to love, hit me immediately at the scrum for taxis quickly followed by the complete mess that was the roads in Beijing. …looking back on my time in Beijing I have nothing but fond memories. From the city itself, the food and the amazing people that I met and have formed potentially lasting friendships with to the excellent opportunity to learn Mandarin. I can honestly say that I can't wait to go back, and will endeavour to do so as soon, as is possible.

Jeremy Holliday, Epsom, 2007

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